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I'm Brad Marston, former Partner, co-Founder and Chief Strategist for FourTier Strategies. After a career on Wall Street, I got involved in digital politics in 2006. I created McCainVictory08.com and through the primaries and general election, we developed a network of nearly 300 coordinated bloggers, raised over $1 million online and recruited thousands of volunteers for the McCain campaign nationwide.

In 2009, I ran for State Representative in Massachusetts I built my campaign website on the social networking platform, Ning and had volunteers making VOTER ID and GOTV calls from 8 states and donors from 26.

I have gone on to become a NationBuilder Certified Expert and Designer and have created over 200 websites and organizing hubs for campaigns of all sizes. I have a passion for developing light, fast, elegant and responsive websites and thinking for campaigns, non-profits and issue advocacy organizations.