I'm Brad Marston, former Partner, co-Founder and Chief Strategist for FourTier Strategies. After a career on Wall Street, I got involved in digital politics in 2006. I created McCainVictory08.com and through the primaries and general election, we developed a network of nearly 300 coordinated bloggers, raised over $1 million online and recruited thousands of volunteers for the McCain campaign nationwide.

In 2009, I ran for State Representative in Massachusetts I built my campaign website on the social networking platform, Ning and had volunteers making VOTER ID and GOTV calls from 8 states and donors from 26.

I have gone on to become a NationBuilder Certified Expert and Designer and have created over 200 websites and organizing hubs for campaigns of all sizes. I have a passion for developing light, fast, elegant and responsive websites and thinking for campaigns, non-profits and issue advocacy organizations.

To be successful, you have to fully integrate your digital and field strategy. I can help you do that.

Since I first started working in digital politics I believed that every successful campaign comes down to the four M's: Message, Momentum, Money and Muscle. As a digital strategist I would add Mining, Modeling, Mapping and Mobilizing

Without all of the first four, your campaign or issue advocacy organization probably isn't going to reach its goals. If you're not using the second four, your campaign isn't getting smarter, more targeted and efficient as it makes more contacts and collects more data.

My goal is to bring to bear my experience in business, activism and as a candidate to create an environment where your planning, goals, tactics and strategies can all seamlessly integrate.